Ștefan Olaru

Ștefan Olaru

Cloud Architect & Developer

Architect by training, software engineer by choice.

I've been crafting solutions for nearly two decades, working with clients worldwide, from startups to enterprises, leaving my mark across various domains.

Effective Communicator

I talk tech with devs, and business with stakeholders.

I can explain complex concepts in simple terms and bridge the gap between tech & non-tech.

async is my default mode, but I'll jump on chats & calls whenever necessary.

Remote yet responsive, I'm based in Iași, Romania (UTC+3) and align best with teams in Europe & the US.

AWS Certified

I specialize in serverless solutions and event-driven architectures.

I design & build cloud-native solutions focusing on security, performance and cost-effectiveness.

My expertise spans

  • Architecture
  • Engineering
  • Security
  • Infrastructure
  • Operations

Lifelong Learner

I'm naturally curious and an explorer at heart, always eager for new challenges and enthusiastic about learning & building things - both tech and non-tech.

Able to grasp new concepts quickly, I remain humble, teachable and open, fully aware there's always more to discover.


Product Minded

Born to build, turning ideas into reality is what drives me. It's not just about crafting technically excellent products …

I am dedicated to their success.

I constantly seek the bigger picture, ask why a lot, challenge assumptions, weight trade-offs, and offer alternative solutions.

Team Leader

Self-driven & fully capable of working solo, I'm like a chef in the kitchen when part of teams.

I build, lead and scale cohesive tech teams, nurturing talent and encouraging continuous growth.

Beyond tech skills, I bring patience, empathy and humor, ensuring we ship & have fun.

Open Book

I don't have a CS degree; I'm a self-taught developer who carved my way through hard work, and a touch of luck.

I'm a proud generalist – a Jack of all trades, master of some.

My diverse skill set is my strength, it allows me to connect the dots and see the big picture.


I love spending time outdoors, be it hiking, running, mushroom hunting, or open fire cooking.

Friends know me as an afficionado of grilling and smoking meats.

I'm a relentless builder, constantly engaged in DIY projects, not just software.


Everything that can be simplified, should be.

Anything that can be automated, must be.

Fascinated by the Bauhaus movement, I find its core principles — form follows function, simplicity, effectiveness, smart resource usage, and continuous improvement — highly relevant to modern software development and they guide everything I do.

Tech Stack

I definitely have my preferences, but I’m not bound to any specific tech, always choosing the right tool for the job.


TypeScript, Node.js, PHP, Bash


DynamoDB, various flavors of SQL, Caching & Search Engines


AWS CloudFormation & CDK, AWS Code services, GitHub Actions

The tech changes and tools shift, but this is what I do daily:

  • Listen
  • Analyze
  • Estimate
  • Design
  • Integrate
  • Collaborate
  • Mentor
  • Commit
  • Code
  • Build
  • Test
  • Debug
  • Deploy
  • Automate
  • Monitor
  • Support
  • Document
  • Learn
  • Refactor
  • Optimize
  • Empower
  • Orchestrate
  • Secure
  • Improve
  • Scale
  • Communicate

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